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Ellie Cooper grew up in Yorkshire and is a singer songwriter in UK six-piece folk-country group Gilded Theives.  

She received a First-Class degree in Performance from Northumbria University, where she also directed several full-scale productions of her own written work for theatre.

Ellie went to India on a whim in 2020, where she ended up in lockdown for the entire pandemic.  As she fell deeply in love with her new home, Ellie realized that she wanted to tell the stories of the people and places she had been lucky enough to grow attached to.  She began penning pieces of descriptive writing, and eventually wrote her first book, Waiting for Mango Season


Ellie has plans to continue writing and telling stories for as long as she is able, whether through music, written or spoken word. 

Ellie would love to hear from you! Get in touch with Ellie with any questions you may have about her current or upcoming works, at: or connect on Twitter and Instagram: @ellydevicooper and 

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